February Myth of the Month – Make My AZ Traffic Ticket Go Away!

A lot of people, particularly those outside of Arizona, call my office in hopes that I can make a civil traffic ticket go away. Although I am not familiar with the law outside of Arizona, I have heard of other jurisdictions offering an option to plead adjudication on a traffic ticket, which more or less dismisses the charge upon payment of a fee. In Arizona, the closest thing to get a dismissal of a civil traffic violation is defensive driving school, which is a four-hour course that can be taken online.

Woman Driving
Although I have a strong understanding of this area of law, I rarely get involved in civil traffic violations because successful completion of traffic school is a way to basically ensure dismissal. I understand this may seem contrary to last month’s myth, but I pride myself on being open and upfront on the value I can provide. Nonetheless, there are certain time and eligibility restrictions of traffic school that may warrant hiring an attorney. For example, if someone has a commercial driver’s license (CDL), a civil moving violation has very serious consequences even if cited while driving a personal vehicle. A CDL holder is generally not eligible for defensive driving school and risks losing his or her job if found responsible.

What I have also found is that sometimes someone thinks all they have is just a simple traffic ticket when it is actually something much more serious. I have dealt with several people charged with excessive speed or driving on a suspended license, and until calling me do not quite realize this is a criminal matter. For criminal speeding, driving school is entirely discretionary so hiring an attorney may help in navigating options and presenting your case.

If you have been charged with a traffic violation, call defense attorney Matt Maerowitz for a free consultation at 602-912-5897.
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