New Year, New You! Updates to Set Aside an Old Conviction

Over six years ago, I wrote an article on set asides: 2015 Article on Set Asides. Since then there have been several changes in the law. I go through the biggest changes in a recent video I uploaded on the MaerowitzLaw YouTube Channel.

This video includes some of the 2021 updates in the law. For the most part, the law now has expanded the applicability of set asides generally making more people eligible to set aside their convictions. Whether a judge grants the request may depend on several factors, but some of the convictions that were previously ineligible for a set aside are now eligible.

It normally does not cost too much to hire a lawyer help with this.  You can reach me at 480-927-3700 for a free consultation to discuss this process and find out if you are eligible for a set aside. After speaking with me sometimes, clients will attempt this process on their own and others will end up hiring my services.

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