Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney for a Car Accident: Question 1 – Do I Even Need an Attorney?

Car Crash PhotoThere is unfortunately a lot of incorrect or misleading information particularly when it comes to personal injury attorneys. This is the first post of a series where I plan to provide an honest look at some important considerations when hiring a personal injury attorney.

Before we even get into considerations when selecting an attorney. There is an overarching question that must be asked. Do I Even Need an Attorney to Handle my Car Accident Case? The short answer is yes as I explain below.

Unfortunately, among some members of the community, personal injury attorneys have developed a bad reputation. It seems with injury attorneys more so than other areas of practice there is a bevvy of ridiculous advertisements and gimmicky nicknames that attorneys use to market themselves. As a result, some skepticism before hiring an attorney is warranted. While there may be a lot of bad attorneys out there, hiring a good attorney can substantially help properly resolve your accident case.

Whenever you have any sort of bodily injured and someone other than you is at fault, it is almost always a good idea to have an attorney working for you. When you are injured, it is stressful enough dealing with your injuries and seeking treatment. Adding an attempt to resolve your bodily injury claim with an insurance company on your own can be daunting. Hiring a good attorney like myself is absolutely essential to reduce the stress and make sure your injury claim is properly handled.

When I am consulted on an accident case or really any of my practice areas, my goal is to be upfront and honest with clients so my client is well-informed before hiring me. There are several instances where I may tell a potential client that hiring me might not make sense. I want to make sure my client is well-informed before he or she agrees to retain me. I frequently take injury cases on a contingency, meaning my client does not pay any legal fees unless there is a recovery. While this means I would get paid out of a client’s potential recovery, the cost of legal fees is frequently offset by getting a good monetary resolution for my clients. In other words, on cases with a recovery my client will frequently get paid more than he or she would have even after attorney fees. Thus, why deal with the stress of handling a case on your own and risk messing it up or not getting the full value you deserve?

So Tip #1 is this: even if you do not ultimately hire an attorney, at least consult a good personal injury attorney before deciding to handle things yourself. My consultation is free so there really is no harm in a quick phone call to see if I can be of assistance: 480-927-3700.

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