Setting Aside an Arizona Criminal Conviction

Having a criminal conviction, even a misdemeanor, on your record can difficult. For many it has long-lasting consequences, particularly when seeking employment.

FortunatelJustice Scaley, Arizona has a way to minimize the impact, and many people do not realize that they may be eligible to have their conviction/s set aside. This is the closest thing to expunging a conviction that Arizona has to offer. Although this will still show up on a background check, it will show as being “set aside” and no longer as a conviction.

A set aside basically realizes that good people make mistakes or have made a decision to turn their life in a positive direction. Although it can still be used against you if charged again with a crime, a set aside is nonetheless incredibly important for purposes of employment, professional licenses, seminars, and schooling. For many criminal convictions, including DUI, a set aside application can be submitted once all conditions of sentencing and probation have been completed.

I have successfully drafted several set aside applications and normally charge a particularly low flat fee for such services. Separate jurisdictions treat applications differently, and I handle the application process a little differently depending on the court. For many jurisdictions, I will draft a proposed order for the judge to sign upon granting a set aside application. For all of my clients, I provide the order from the judge granting the set aside. This can be helpful because it allows you to show a current or prospective employer a signed order from the judge stating that the charge and accusations against you should be treated as if dismissed.

Call me, criminal defense attorney Matt Maerowitz at 602-912-5897 for a free consultation to discuss the process and find out whether you may be eligible for a set aside.

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