Be Careful what you Post! Once Published Online, It’s Not So Private

Worldwide WebDeep into the information age of the internet, it amazes me how easily personal information can be accessed from a few keystrokes and clicks. I feel strongly about the importance of privacy; however, information on the internet is becoming increasingly less private. What is published on the internet can often be accessed by third parties whether you like it or not. As a result, it is very important to exercise restraint when posting information online.

Even without having to hire a private investigator, I often research the opposing parties and witnesses and you’d be surprised what I’ve occasionally found on the web to benefit my clients! What people sometimes forget is that although posts on social media sites like Facebook are intended to be semi-private, it normally is not all too difficult to access them. For better or worse, Arizona also provides the public with access to many criminal and civil records.

Quite frankly, I have also encountered instances where the opposition has tried to do the same against my clients. While that photo of double fisting beers may be all fun and games among your Facebook friends, it may impact you when a legal case is pursued for or against you. Also once it is on the internet, it goes into the public sphere and sometimes can be difficult to remove. Everyone has heard about employers finding prospective hires on Facebook; however, it goes well beyond that. Next time you post anything online, ask yourself whether you would feel comfortable if all of your present or future adversaries saw that content. If not, then the internet isn’t the place for it!

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