January Myth of the Month – I Don’t Need an Attorney

Legal Advice PhotoOn an earlier post, I talked spoke about Miranda and that the officer’s failure to read Miranda rights on arrest is ordinarily not enough to dismiss the case.  However, even when a person is told the right to an attorney, a lot of people will still not exercise the right!  This is shocking because immediately consulting with an attorney, even while still under investigation by the police, can be extremely helpful.  So this leads me to this month’s myth: I don’t need an attorney. If charged with a crime, even a misdemeanor, you can almost always benefit from having an attorney.

Some attorneys will use over-the-top scare tactics—for example, telling prospective clients that they can expect six months jail for a regular first offense DUI.  Although the consultation is “free” these attorneys make sure the client doesn’t leave without paying over $5,000 for continued representation…or else!  Although a great way to secure business, this tactic is completely unreasonable and prevents the client from making a truly informed choice.

Because of a few bad attorneys doing it all wrong, I understand why some people accused of the crime are hesitant to have a consultation.  However, the truth is a brief 30-60 minute consultation with a knowledgeable attorney is incredibly valuable.  There can be a lot going on that is overwhelming and having an attorney by your side is necessary to not only help defend your case, but keep you well-informed.

If charged with a crime, call defense attorney Matt Maerowitz for a free consultation at 602-912-5897.

Image courtesy of by Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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